Ruthie - lead vocals

With years of live and studio experience, Ruth provides lead vocals for Funktion and is always introducing new ideas to the band. Leads from the front and knows exactly how to get the crowd joining in, to make the occasion enjoyable and memorable.

Sarah-Jane - lead vocals

Sarah-Jane has many years live performance experience. After studying performing arts at college she began singing professionally in a piano/vocal jazz duo. During her time gigging the London circuit, Sarah-Jane also gained extensive studio recording experience both with bands and as a guest vocalist for other music producers. She then moved to Surrey where she became involved with many function and party bands as well as returning to her first love of Jazz.

Dougie - guitar and keyboard

Self-taught since his early teens, Dougie's enthusiasm for the guitar knows no bounds. His favourite guitarists include Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck and Jerry Stevenson (Be Sharp). Plays Ibanez Radius and Epiphone Les Paul guitars, and keyboard setup utilises a MIDI-controlled Roland JV-1080. Previously in covers/originals band KBS, he joined Funktion in 2002.

Ian - keyboards and backing vocals

With a degree in music and a Grade 8 Piano qualification, Ian brings a wealth of experience to Funktion. Always astounding the rest of the band by playing an unfeasible number of parts during a song. Also a very competent vocalist, his main weapon of choice is the 88-key Korg N1. Joined Funktion in 2008.

Chris - bass and backing vocals

Having played in several originals and covers bands both as a lead guitarist and bassist, Chris chose to hone his more more funky sound and joined Funktion in 2003 as bass player. He provides the rock solid foundation for the band along with Andrew on drums, including a few funky departures when required. As well as being Funktion's bassist, Chris is a stalwart of the Surrey music scene, having formed a number of "one off" bands for local fundraising events and charity days, with genres ranging from trad Jazz through soul to funk and disco. In addition to playing bass, Chris also plays electric guitar (lead and rhythm), ukulele (when forced!), mandolin, harmonica, and (when really forced) penny whistle! But don't worry, when listening to Funktion, you'll mainly hear Chris focusing on laying down solid bass lines.

Andrew - drums and backing vocals

With extensive experience in both covers and original material bands over many years, Andrew locks in seamlessly to form the backline of the band. With Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band) amongst his many influences, Andrew brings a wealth of experience and talent and a strong solid backbeat to the band. Also provides backing vocals.